Keynote by m.c. schraefel

Interactive Tech Design for Sport as Human Problem Solving & Practice rather than Training

Team sport - when played - brings together everything that makes us human (I’ll support this claim by itemising how across 9 highly memorable and usable vectors). In HCI, there are opportunities to (i) better support how sport is about whole body problem solving (ii) build translational effects from field to office, and (iii) better incorporate for all into daily life - not least daily work. What do you think? Looking forward to the conversation.

m.c. schraefel holds the post of professor in computer science and human performance at the University of Southampton, where she leads the whose mission is to help #makeNormalBetter for all, @scale. She believes pull ups are a force for good. The lab is currently hiring, too. Please check out our Postdoc/Research Fellow posts.