The field of HCI for sports is evolving under the push of new technological developments and worldwide natural events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change. Recent technological advancements have widened the possibilities of HCI in the sports domain by paving the way to augmented humans, inbodied interactions, esports, new forms of sociality thanks to virtual reality and the metaverse, and new ways for engaging the audience thanks to AI. Whereas contextual factors, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, seem to pull the sports trends in opposite directions: on the one hand, they foster the indoorisation and individualization of sports, as we can see by the spreading of home training systems such as bike rollers and related apps; and, on the other hand, they encourage practicing outdoor sports to take advantage of the ‘restorative power’ of nature. With this workshop, we invite the HCI community to discuss the current trends for portable technologies for sports and trace future directions for HCI research in this field.

  • Wearable/mobile technologies for indoor or outdoor sports
  • Interactive systems for the indoorisation of outdoor sports
  • Phenomenology of sports (how to report the sports experience)
  • Augmented feedback for sports
  • Augmented human capabilities in sports
  • Immersive technologies for sports
  • Exergames
  • Gamification techniques for sports
  • Super-human sports
  • Important Dates
  • Submission Deadline: 8 July 2022 9 June 2022
  • Notification: 20 July 2022 28 June 2022
  • Workshop: 1 October 2022

We invite paper submissions (minimum 12.500 characters long) in the form of a research, reflection, pictorial, provocation, or design fiction using the ACM SIGCHI template 1 column CEURART format via Easy Chair. A program committee will assess the submissions based on their potential to spark an interesting discussion. Proceedings of the accepted submissions will be published with CEUR and indexed in Scopus.

The “New Trends in HCI and Sports” will take place online. The workshop activities and discussions will be organized accordingly.